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Crazy Idea / Conceptualization

Whether public art, commercial development, landscape architecture or interior design project, we can bring your bright ideas to fruition.

The beginning of any project starts with conceptualizing and getting a grip on your raw idea. This phase varies greatly depending upon the scale of your project and the project’s maturity. We are able to work on projects that are already at the RFP stage as easily as projects in the early stages, when they may be nothing more than a vague idea.

Our discovery process considers:

  • Possible themes or emotions the project needs to convey - its aesthetic direction

  • The environment in which it will be situated

  • Competing visual elements in the environment

  • The size or scale of the piece or idea

  • Engineering considerations

  • Budgets

  • Timing

  • Stakeholders

  • Logistics for shipping and installation

At the end of our discovery process we will provide a documented vision that sets the stage for the modeling and prototype phase.

Modeling / Prototype


We use artist renderings, 3D models and prototypes to make your rough ideas real, delving into the project’s vision and design requirements.

Artistic design expressions that interpret the creative requirements can encompass some of or all of the following:

  • Hand-drawn illustrations to bring visual representation to concepts and frame ideas

  • Computerized drawings to add greater detail to hand-drawn illustrations that can also be evolved into detailed 3D CAD renderings

  • Physical clay maquettes for 3D physical model representation

  • 3D prototypes

Build / Fabricate


Once a project has passed through the first two phases it then moves into building and fabrication.

Publik Space brings together a multitude of disciplines required to optimize the design and production of any project. Since all of our projects are three-dimensional, Publik Space uses FROG3D technology wherever possible to go from art to part much faster than if the project was produced entirely by hand. Our projects are able to leverage our expertise in our 3D scanning and foam cutting and carving technology.

Resources and talents required to bring a project to fruition can also vary greatly. Publik Space has the flexibility to match the most appropriate resources to any given project. Depending upon the skills required, Publik Space can draw upon our longstanding relationships with art and sculptural fabricators from around the globe.


As a project is being designed, we determine if it is necessary to engage in the engineering process.  We ensure all projects that require engineering meet the structural and installation standards within the jurisdictions it is being placed. It is important we consider engineering and installation requirements during the design phase so projects aren’t designed that can’t be engineered or installed within budget.

Push Into The World


We manage projects from concept to installation and everything in between.

In order to make our project delivery model successful and complete projects from start to finish, we employ rigorous project management and communication protocols. Publik Space’s project managers have extensive experience managing large-scale organic design projects in many different countries. Our experience in managing projects extends from production through to shipping and installation, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Because we prefer an intimate client working relationship, we limit the number of concurrent projects we work on to a select few. This ensures that your project always has our full attention and keeps our actions in line with our company values.

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